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Our custom news program has done away with ordinary feeds-- by enabling our users to customize their own headline feeds they are given a distinct advantage over competitors.

Our custom news program was developed to help website owners target specific demographics and offer their visitors everything they need. We've even assembled some White Papers below to support that conclusion.

We believe in your success. Your custom news headlines are a great way to promote your website. By redistributing your own custom feeds to other sites, you will be bringing your site more traffic and more business. Once you sign-up, we'll help you get started.

What do we have to offer? The following is a list of available customizations. You can view live examples of these by clicking on the links above.

Headline Categories:

  • National
  • World
  • Business
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental

Types of feeds:

  • Headline only
  • Headline with description


Are News Headlines Good Content?

A recent study by the Online News Association (ONA) says, yes! This July, 2006 White Paper, A Day in the Life: An Ethnographic Study of Media Consumption, observed that 62% of respondents relied on the Web for news and that they were also more affluent, suggesting too that one of the key observations was the branding effect media online provided.

Co-Brand News' custom headline feeds give Site owners a way to make headline feeds that not only emulate their Site's brand, but provide visitors a resource they're interested in on a daily basis. In our Live Examples, one site was able to increase page views per visit dramatically, while another increased traffic. Co-Brand News is willing to help users set up and install their own custom headline feeds so they can optimize their results as well. Get Your Feed Now!

Are Headline Feeds Popular?

According to a White Paper by Yahoo's Joshua Grossnickle, RSS-Crossing into the Mainstream, October 2005, a surprising number of people aren't using RSS technology, though we should point out that the paper is three-years old, so the technology's popularity has definitely increased.

Joshua noted then that 75% of personalized websites use RSS feeds and that people who use them to access information are also some of the more affluent, not unlike the findings in the ONA White Paper, above.

Co-Brand News feeds are RSS, but we provide users an easy way to install them by the use of a simple snippet of code you only have to paste onto your webpage. And one of the great features of Co-Brand News free content program is that it's fully customizable - you can even add your logo. Get Your Feed Now!

News Content Is Where It's At

A 2007 Study by the Newspaper Association of America shows that online news content is winning over print as the media of choice for those who want daily information. In October, 2007, 63.2 million people visited newspaper sites, an 8 percent increase over the same period the prior year and averaged 8.59 pages per visit.

With news online showing such strong growth, it's no wonder one of our Live Examples Sites was able to increase page views per visit 22.3% in 30-days by making a Co-Brand News custom headline feed. You could increase your page views too, Get Your Feed Now.

Social Media and What's Most Engaging

A Dow Jones White Paper, Tracking the Influence of Conversations, describes one of the key attributes to social media as being discussions based on headlines or snippets of stories read somewhere.

By making your own custom news headline feed you too can give visitors to your site something to talk about. Only Co-Brand News offers such a wide variety of news categories to choose from and the flexibility to make your headline feed any size or shape you want. If you add your logo, it makes your news feed even more impacting and can go a long way towards branding your site.

One common thread that runs through all of these White Papers is news headlines add value to a website or blog and that by providing visitors custom news headline feeds that match the look and feel of your Site the appeal to visitors is a win-win solution.

Something else that runs through these White Papers is that those visitors who are more affluent will visit a site that offers news content more often, so attracting a higher-income visitor can go a long way toward improving a Site's revenue.

Get your feed now to start building on your web site's brand.

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