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About Co-Brand News Co-Brand News was developed as a means of giving you free tools to compete online. This is made available as a free public service to anyone owning a website.

Below are some helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Do you share my contact information?

No, when you sign up to make your custom headline feed we only ask for basic info in order to contact you if you need help.

Do you provide support?

Yes, but when you sign up you must provide your correct email address and the URL where our headline feed is installed in order for us to verify who you are. Only registered users are provided support.

If I have problems making a feed, will you help me?
Yes. One of the best features of Co-Brand News is our support.

How do I add my logo?

You must first save the image of your logo in either gif or jpg format and be sure to include the full path to your site where that image is stored. Simply add the link to that image. For example: If it's still not displaying correctly, contact support. Be sure to save the code you installed so we can view it on your webpage in order to see how we can help.

Why do I have to register every time I try to access the custom headline form?

Every time you create a custom headline form a new code is generated. So if you make a mistake and want to change the way your custom headline feed appears, a new code has to be generated. The same holds true when you create more than one feed and that helps us identify it if you're experiencing any problems and ask for help.

Can custom headlines help my site traffic?
Co-Brand News headlines can't bring new visitors to your site, but it does give them a reason to come back.

If you would like help setting up your custom headline feed to be as optimal as possible, please contact support after you register. We'd gladly show you how to get the most out of your new custom headline feed!

How will your custom headline feed help my Site's Brand?

There are plenty of resources online where you can get a news feed for your site, but by adding your own unique title or logo image to it, the custom headline feed you create is unique to your site and that can impress visitors.

Can I use my custom headline feed to promote my Site?
Yes. By creating feeds that match the look and feel of your site you can offer the code to others and use it to promote your brand. After you make your custom headline feed, contact support to find out how.

What type of code appears on my site?

Co-Brand News custom headline feeds are generated in java script.

By using java script, installing our custom headline feeds is a snap. Just copy and paste! There's no special coding that has to be added, so anyone can install one.

Can I get an RSS feed instead of java?
Not in a custom headline solution, but we are developing a hybrid custom headline feed to accommodate those website owners who are looking for fresh content that search engine spiders can crawl. When it becomes available, all registered Co-Brand News users will be notified and offered the option of switching. If you want to use RSS now and know how to install it on your webpage, it is available here.

Do the links open on my Site?
No. But we will be offering a free upgrade to a hosted-news solution later this year to all those registered users of Co-Brand News. The service will only be free to registered users of Co-Brand News. Registered users of Co-Brand News will be notified by email when that service becomes available.

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